GridVis® 8

The highlight of GridVis® 8 is the new report editor, which you can use to prepare your measurement data in reports customized according to your requirements. In addition, we have optimized existing elements, such as the graph function, so that you can derive far easier even more information from your data.

Customizing reports

The GridVis® report editor enables reports to be customized, archived and output as PDF. Integrate images and logos and use various objects, for example, diagrams, to visualize measured values directly.

Manage data exports & reports

Data exports, such as Meter reading cycle or Utilization reports are now also available in the Web version.

Analyzing correlations

The Event Browser enables you to access voltage and current events directly. Events that occurred within a selected period of time can be clearly displayed and analyzed directly with one click. You can use the search and filter function to find specific event types or measurement points. The integrated ITIC (CBEMA) curve can be used to obtain a valid evaluation.

Graph function for quick value analysis

The online graph function provides direct access to all measured and energy values. Scaling, color and other settings are variable. Compare different measurement sites directly with each other, thanks to the option of pinning on measurement data. Alternatively, aggregate measured and energy values to quickly and easily display daily, monthly and annual values.

Creating your own device overview

Create your own lists of measurement points in the device overview and access it directly. The lists can include information and device details, such as IP address and firmware version. Current measured values of a device can also be displayed. Measurement points can be easily found using the filter and search function. The folder structure enables you to create lists, for example, according to the company structure.